Finxs & Extended DISC

FinxS is an online HR platform for testing, analysis and surveys. The solutions helps individuals, teams and organizations every day to develop through insights into and understanding motivation, behavioural styles and cognitive skills or by describing the actual situation in an organization.

Both Extended DISC and FinxS have been developed by Jukka Sappinen. FinxS is a further development of Extended DISC and builds on the same tried-and-tested and validated groundwork – for those wanting to be able to tailor analysis with, for example, a specific logo, own name or own content and with a specific purpose.

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Personal Analysis – Tests

Personal analysis

 Development and recruitment

The personal analysis is a valuable analysis tool for developing employees and managers or for testing job candidates dring the recruitment process.

The analysis is based on Extended DISC terminology.

The personal analysis provides insights into understanding of what motivates the focus person as well as their  preferred behavioural style.

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Team analysis

Team development and team composition

 The team analysis is the ideal tool for using resources more effectively, and minimizing conflicts in teams. The analysis provies insights into and an understanding of the motivational factors and behaviour of the individual team member.

The analysis is tailored to the behavioural competences which are important to the team in question.

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360° feedback

Evaluation of development areas

A 360° feedback is an honest and concrete tool for identifying an employee or leader’s potential area of development.

The analysis is based on answers from internal as well as external respondents, and which are linked to the focus persons own responses.

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Reasoning Analysis

9 cognitive tests

The FinxS Reasoning Analysis consists of nine subtests which test the focus persons cognitive abilities as well as their reasoning skills in different contexts. It is used for recruitment and as part of the development process for employees and leaders.

Decide whether the focus person needs to complete all nine tests, or choose which are relevant for the particular situation.


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Tailored surveys

Act on important focus areas and KPI by conducting the exact survey that is important for your orginazition. Surveys can be, for example, workplace evaluations, satisfaction surveys, well-being surveys and others.

You will receive a complete report of the responses, which can be compiled for individual groups, teams, departments or organizations.


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Job profile

Benchmarks of specifications

The job profile enables you to determine a requirement specification which you can use for comparison purposes in connection with both recruitment and career development.

The profiles provide a visual evaluation of a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses in a wide range of areas in relation to the job requirement specification.


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We offer a range of certifications in FinxS, Extended DISC and Reasoning Analysis, so you learn to work with and understand the underlying terminology so that you can use it actively. There are certifications for those who have never worked with tests or analysis before, and for who want to upgrade to an existing certification.

We also offer a refresher course for those who have not been using the terminology for some time, as well as a conversion certification if you already have a different DISC certification to ours, and want to switch to Extended DISC.


Virtual certifications

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