Mini Extended DISC person profile and person analysis

At HR Solutions, we are specialists in personal analysis, and offer both the preparation of personal analyzes for companies and organizations as well as certification in Extended DISC for both managers, HR employees and consultants.

To give you the opportunity to get an insight into what a personal analysis is and can be, we have made a smaller version of our personal analyzes.

Mini Extended DISC person profile is a 4-page version of our DISC analysis, and gives you a good overview of the four different behavioral styles in a DISC person analysis. A Mini DISC person profile is thus an abbreviated version of the person analysis, which gives you insight into the following areas:

The person’s natural behavior

The person’s strengths

The person’s areas of motivation

In the Mini DISC person profile, you get both a description of the person’s natural behavior, strengths and motivational areas as well as a graphic illustration of the person’s natural behavior.

What is a person analysis A person analysis is an analysis tool on the FinxS platform that provides insight into people’s behavior style, strengths and drive.

A person analysis can both be used to create an increased understanding of other people’s behavior and areas of motivation, but can also be used to provide increased self-insight into one’s own behavior and motivation. Among other things, this can be beneficial in terms of getting better at dealing with stressed and pressured situations.

A DISC personal profile is thus useful both for the company as well as for the individual person. The personal analysis we use at HR Solutions is based on Extended DISC® Behavioral Profiling, which is based on Dr. Carl Gustav Jung’s behavioral theories that have been used for more than 80 years.

Unlike other types of DISC person profiles, which emphasize a person’s conscious behavior in a specific role, an Extended DISC person analysis maps a person’s natural behavior in different situations. This helps to give a more nuanced picture of the analyzed person.

The personal analysis is often also called a DISC analysis or DISC profile. Here, the letters in DISC represent the four different person types and behavioral styles that the person analysis consists of. These are: Dominance, Influence, Stability and Compleance.

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    What can a DISC personal profile be used for

    As mentioned, a DISC person profile tells something about a person’s behavioral style, motivation and strengths, and is therefore a good tool for gaining greater insight into the motivation and behavior of employees and job candidates. The personnel analysis is therefore also often used by companies and organizations in connection with the recruitment process or to put together highly professional and efficient teams.

    You can use the mini DISC person profile in, for example, the following areas:

    • Screening in recruitment situations
    • Team composition
    • Team development

    The Extended mini DISC personal profile offers a 4-page report, and is therefore particularly ideal when you need less information in the personal analysis than you get with a larger report. The reporting of a mini DISC personal profile can, like our larger personal analyzes, be tailored so that it focuses on individual factors in relation to the employee’s or job candidate’s role. This allows you to get a report that meets your specific needs. The Mini DISC person analysis supports 52 different languages.

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