Open 360 Analysis

360 degree feedback gives you honest and concrete feedback on the focus person’s strengths and development areas, and can be applied to all types of managers and employees. The focus person assesses himself in a number of competencies and core areas, where this assessment is compared with the selected respondents’ answers.

The respondents could be other managers, colleagues, employees, suppliers as well as internal or external stakeholders.

360 degree feedback allows for a nuanced and concrete assessment, not either or, but to what extent. It is direct and normative, which makes it possible to say whether the surroundings experience that the person is doing well or badly. It allows for operational ROI and tangible evidence of the impact of efforts, such as pre- and post-measurement.

The analysis can be based on existing questionnaires as you build up your own base, e.g. a standard manager or salesperson model. The analysis can also be based on tailor-made questionnaires, which are created and adapted to the individual department and the individual situation.

The question frame can be set up in the languages you want – we basically offer a question frame in Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and English.

With Open 360 you get:

Insight into the focus person’s strengths and development areas. This can motivate and help in a development process.

A tool that, through interpretation and feedback conversation, maps the precise development areas.

Provides an overview of the competence strengths and development areas for the overall management

Experiences after use

  • Better and more proactive planning for personal development
  • Greater focus on the result-creating factors
  • Better follow-up for employees
  • Good tool in connection with the company’s Apprasials conversation
  • Awareness of the things that matter to the various parties in the organization
  • Make it concrete and relevant

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    The process of Open 360 degree analysis

    HR Solutions sends cover letters, links and passwords, which the company can forward to the respondents. The focus person and the respondents fill in the questionnaire over the Internet. HR Solutions conducts a follow-up and submits any an overview of missing answers so that the company can move the respondents. Finally, HR Solutions forwards the report to the company. The report is easy to read and gives a clear picture of one’s own and the respondents’ perception of behavior and focus areas. It also makes it possible to compare the responses of several respondent groups.

    Based on the 360-degree analysis, an action plan should always emerge, where concrete measures must be taken to improve the individual areas. We recommend using HRM-Nordic Measure for follow-up and repeat a new 360 degree measurement 6 – 12 months later as a post measurement.

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