HRM Nordic HRM-system

HRM Nordic is a Danish-developed HR system that has been developed to support the company’s HR processes ranging from handling employee data to recruitment as well as follow-up on KPIs and development of employees and managers.

HRM Nordic has been developed in collaboration with small and medium-sized companies, and we continuously develop new modules and functions so that the HR system covers the companies’ needs.

The HR system is modular, so companies only pay for the functions they need.

User-friendly and intuitive HRM system

An HRM system must be user-friendly and intuitive – these are the principles we have developed our HRM system according to.

A good HRM system creates a good overview and is time-saving compared to manual, administrative processes.

Therefore, we also listen to our users’ experiences and continuously develop new functions that our users demand, just as we follow the technological development and ensure that the HRM system always supports all HR activities.

With the HRM system you get

Masterdata / Employee Database

An employee database is one of the cornerstones of an HR system. Here, all employees’ data can be stored in accordance with the GDPR.

It is possible to manage different access levels for different users so that they only have access to the data that is relevant to them.

Recruitment system

Get a more efficient recruitment process with the recruitment module.

Through the recruitment system, requirements and check questions can be set, which exclude applicants who do not have the necessary qualifications for the job.

The recruitment system provides a comprehensive overview of all job applicants, and it is possible to share comments with other recruitment managers through the system.

E Signing

The contract module is an add-on module that makes it possible to handle digital signatures.

Enables (prospective) employees to sign the employment contract and other important documents online.

The signed documents are also stored for the individual employee in the employee database.

Pre- & onboarding

Pre- & onboarding of new employees Streamline the processes when hiring a new employee. Create structure over all the tasks that belong to the pre- and onboarding processes, delegate tasks and set up automatic reminders to those responsible before the deadline.


The development module forms a solid basis for employee and management development.

The module allows you to create templates for, for example, Appraisals, conversations, and invitations, follow-up, etc. can be sent.

Following up sysgtem

If the company has set goals for different focus areas, the follow-up module makes it easy to follow up when sending out questions.

The module collects the answers, prepares a report with the results and compares with previous surveys.

Process automation

Across the various modules, the HRM system allows for the automation of a wide range of processes.

Automatic emails can be set up, which are sent out based on a deadline or a trigger (eg when rejecting job applications) etc.

Data is synchronized across the modules, which also facilitates the manual processes. For example, data from a job applicant can be automatically transferred to the pre- and onboarding module as well as to the employee database.

In the same way, data and agreements from a development interview can be transferred to the employee card in the employee database, where reminders for follow-up of agreements can also be set up automatically.

Improve data quality across systems

Many companies today use several different IT systems, which in part process the same data.

To ensure a high data quality, and that data is always updated across systems, with HRM Nordic you have the opportunity to develop a data integration for one or more systems.

This can be, for example, an integration into a payroll system or holiday planning.

Get an HR system that fits your business

HRM Nordic is a modular HRM system, where companies only pay for the functions and modules they need, as well as for the number of employees needed.

The HRM system is cloud-based, so it can be easily scaled up and down as needed, just as new modules can be implemented quickly.

We continuously develop the HRM system so that it follows the companies’ current needs and the technological possibilities.

If you find that one of the modules is missing functionality, you are welcome to send us your request. We also develop new functions based on our users’ wishes.

If you are in doubt about whether HRM Nordic is the right HRM system for your company, please contact us at or telephone + 45 70 26 32 25.


Get started with the HRM Nordic HRM system for free

You have the opportunity to try out HRM Nordic without obligation.

Choosing an HRM system is a big decision that one cannot just change.

Therefore, you have the opportunity to test HRM Nordic for 30 days – completely free and without obligation.

You choose the modules you want to test, and you have the opportunity to get help throughout the trial period – and afterwards.

Click the button below and see how to get started with your trial period. We will help you get started within 24 hours.


English, Danish, German, Norwegian or Swedish support throughout the process

Regardless of whether you have a trial period of the HRM system or whether you are a regular user, you can always get Danish support and guidance.

We help both with the implementation of the HRM system as well as the development of integrations with other systems.

In addition, we also advise and guide you so that you can make the best use of the HRM system’s possibilities.

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