Situational Leadership

There is no simple formula for what it takes to be a good leader. What we do know is that no two people are alike.

Situational Leadership is an effective management tool for adapting communication and management style depending on the situation and the recipient’s competence level.

The Situational Leadership® model is without a doubt one of the most recognized and effective management tools in relation to behavioural science.

The model was developed by Dr. Paul Hersey in the late 1960s, and is regarded one of the most widely acknowledged management tools worldwide, and the first of its kind to combine findings of studies into both management and motivation and productivity through a common language and an adapted management style.


”It isn’t how i behave with that person. It’s how I behave with that person, in reference to that person doing a specific activity”

– Dr. Paul Hersey

The Situational Leadership Model

Situational Leadership The model is a powerful, yet flexible tool that streamlines the way managers, salespeople, coaches and employees influence others. Situational Leadership The model is based on the relationship between the manager and the recipient, and serves as an analysis tool to assess each situation, based on:

The guidance given by the leader
The socio-emotional support that the manager need to offer
The level of competence / readiness that the recipient has in relation to performing a specific task


By keeping this balance in mind, recipient acquires more opppotunities to receive a message or task in best possible way.

This strengthens an employee og group’s motivation as well as the feeling of being able to cope with a particular task.

The model has a wealth of application areas, and can be used in all contexts where it is necessary to motivate and deliver messages optimally, in relation to the recipient and the given situation.


BeCOME a Situational Leader

More than one million people worldwide have received Situational Leadership training – are you going to join them?

We offer two unique training programmes in Situational Leadership, which both aim to develop a person’s leadership competences, and effectively adapt their leadership style to the situation and the target group

Be a Situational Leadership manager

This intensive two day course is for those who want to improve their managerial competencies and succeed more in adapting their communication to the recipient in a given situation.

You will attend a thoroughly tested leadership training course, where you will gain insight into Situational Leadership and how it can be used effectively in daily life.

The course includes a 360-degree leadership behavioural analysis, which sheds light on both your strengths and areas development.


Train the Trainer – Situational Leadership

For those with management or coaching experience, who want to add to their qualifications.

The coaching course open up the possibility of teaching others in Situational Leadership. You will attend an in-deep course which focuses on, for example, presentation techniques and adaptation to different target groups.

You engage in an exciting process involving theoretical presentations and numerous practical exercises, interspersed with video clips and games.


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