Situational Leadership® Training

Situational Leadership is one of the world’s most widely recognized leadership tools, which every day helps managers to target their leadership style to the recipient’s competence level and the given situation.

Situational Leadership is founded Dr. Paul Hersey, and is practised every day by successful coaches and consultants, including Marshall Goldsmith.


Would you like to receive training in one of the world’s most recognized management tools? With Situational Leadership, you learn how to adapt your management style in relation to the recipients competence level and the given situation.

Dr. Paul Hersey who founded Situational Leadership always described leadership as “any attempt to influence others”. So every time you want to influence another person, it is essential that the message and its delivery is adapted to the task and the recipient.


As a completely new initiative, we are now offering several different ways of being trained in Situational Leadership. It is entirely up to you which course you want to attend.


Whichever version you choose, you will develop your managerial competencies, establish your competency levels in relation to the model and acquire a greater understanding of your own strengths and areas of development in relation to the styles of influence.

Furthermore, it clarifies the employees specific development areas, it achieves a better match is achieved between the employees competence level and the managers day-to-day management, as well as being an effective tool in connection with employee training and development.

This can free up more resources for working with company’s the long-term goals and thus improve efficiency.


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