Virtual certification in sales Capacity Assessment

The certification process


E-Learning (duration approx. 2 hours).

1. session

 The sales process

18 sales competence


2. session

Excuse scale

3. session

Feedback Reports to manager

Team and employment / development

Then 45 min feedback (certification)

Upcoming certification courses-

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    The 18 sales competencies

    • Prospecting
    • Qualifying
    • Building Rapport
    • Following the Sales Process
    • Goal Orientation
    • Gaining Trust
    • Controlling the Sales Process
    • Handling Objections
    • Questioning Effectiveness
    • Active Listening
    • Critical Thinking
    • Initiative
    • Presenting
    • Time Management
    • Dealing with Failure
    • Determined Competitiveness
    • Money Concept
    • Emotional Detachment

    Application of sales competence assessment

    • Understand the 18 sales skills
    • Understand how the skills can be developed
    • Understand how the competencies affect the sales results
    • Insight into own sales competencies
    • Develop strategies to improve sales results Identify and understand differences in different sales styles
    • Develop thinking in the facets of sales
    • Development of salespeople, sales teams and sales managers
    • Understand the theory and model behind Sales Assessment

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