Virtual Extended DISC® Team Certification

With the Extended DISC Team certification, you get a better overview of how you put together or develop the strongest and most effective teams.

The team analysis can be used in all types of companies, organizations, team coaching and sports where team development and a joint performance are important for the degree of success.

Through Extended DISC Team Composition and Development, you gain a greater understanding of team roles and their interplay. You will be able to identify development areas in existing teams as well as be able to put together new and more effective teams.

We work based on the theory from Tuckmann & Jensen and Patrick Lencioni – The Five Dysfunctions of a Team.

You gain an increased understanding of the team members’ strengths and areas of development, plus you become self-aware of your own strengths and areas of development in relation to your own teamwork.

In addition, you get a thoroughly tested roadmap for team development on the certification.


The certification is aimed at those who work with team composition and its development, and who want a deeper insight, new tools and approaches to the work.

This is for you who are a manager, internal HR employee or external consultant. On the certification days, there is a strong focus on everyone feeling welcome, and is ready to bid with relevant experiences and in-depth questions.

Therefore, our team is a maximum of 8 people to maintain the presence and contact, so that everyone gets the chance to be heard.

The certification process consists of 3 steps:


Step 1: E-learning

The e-learning course consists of 5 lessons + 1 test with in between exercises. The final test must be passed before the certification days. The e-learning course can be completed at your own pace, so you can log off and on as many times as you like.

Step 2: Your team

Before the certification days, you must also have found a team that you want to work with. These people must all do a personal analysis so that a team report can be drawn.

Step 3: Virtual certification

In 3 x 2 hours of virtual training, we work practically with your team. You learn to diagonize your team, find strengths and challenges as well as what actions are needed to move the team forward towards an even higher performance.

The result can, for example, be a plan for how you can work with the team in the future. The certification also consists of a combination of theory, games, exercises and practical cases.

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