Online surveys within i.a. workplace assessment, well-being analysis, employee satisfaction etc.

 Survey is for the larger studies, where it is important to shed light on any areas of focus and focus in the organization. Survey presents the test results in an easy and clear way, so you can easily find the areas where it is important to invest.

It is essential to shed light on areas for action to increase well-being and motivation in everyday life. These are the cornerstones of success and productivity of an employee, in a team or throughout the organization.

We prepare and conduct surveys for these areas, among others

  • Satisfaction with the work in stock and production
  • Satisfaction with the work in the office and function area
  • Well-being measurements for both specialist, white and blue color workers
  • Focus on work life balance
  • Opportunity for benchmark and development assessment

You are free to choose between a standard questionnaire or we can tailor the questionnaire to your organization.

We carry out coverage of needs, set up a question frame, carry out tests of a question frame, carry out a survey, extracts in departments, areas on request and with any the graphics you would like

We can carry out both well-being surveys and workplace assessments in both Danish and multilingual.

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You will receive the following informations:

Get an easy and time-saving way to carry out your research – we can take care of everything or help you with what you need. You can receive a total report, department report, cross-cutting reports e.g. broken down by function, gender, age, etc.

Make a survey of the satisfaction with the supplier cooperation, in order to shed light on any areas for improvement and development.

Assess the satisfaction among the employees and be served the focus areas that should be used. Up to 225 questions can be asked in 15 groups – everything is done online.

Visualization of the biggest improvement opportunities to increase customer satisfaction. Get a coverage of the customers ‘/ users’ perception of your communication, service or products.

An effective online analysis that highlights which focus areas have a positive effect on your business. Well-being in the workplace is the foundation for employee development and performance.

Our surveys are flexible and can be adapted to all focus areas. Do isolated studies on e.g. management, motivation, security in production, ergonomics and many more – it’s entirely up to you.

Want to see what a survey report might look like? Fill out the form below and we will send you a demo report:

    Benefit of surveys

    It is possible to differentiate your questions at department and team level so that they only get questions that are relevant to the given employee.

    You can thus group your focus areas according to e.g. “Safety in production”, “motivation in the workplace”, “Management”, etc. for In order to burden the respondents as little as possible in a busy everyday life, we have prioritized simplicity, as well as quick and easy completion of the questionnaire.

    Everything takes place online, where you can log in no matter which device you prefer.

    Følg op på indsatsområderne

    To ensure that implementations and initiatives in focus areas have the desired effect, we recommend ongoing follow-up.

    That is why we have developed HRM-Nordic Measure, which ensures that the finger is kept on the pulse, and conducts ongoing follow-up on selected KPIs and focus areas.

    Do you want to know more?

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